‘In the Sea’ body ritual

a 5-step programme that stimulates the senses. Relieve any tensions through a deeply penetrating massage. Purify the body with a sea salt and sweet oil scrub. Harmonise the mind with aromatic fragrances and scalp massage. To conclude, a silky body wrap with delicate fragrances and a tea ritual to suit your needs.

Duration 100 minutes: € 130.00



Algae body wrap

A highly detoxifying body wrap, helps to relieve stress, tackles cellulite and provides good support whilst losing weight. 


Creme wrap
This intensely nourishing wrap gives the skin a wonderful feeling of comfort and well-being. It restores dry damaged skin, remineralizes and also gives an extra boost in the production of the skin's own lipids. Contains algae oil, algae wax, shea butter and cupuaqua butter.

 Duration 75 minutes: € 99.50

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