Thalgo ritual face


Traditional facial treatment, with the option of waxing or epilation

Duration 50 minutes € 65.00

Duration 80 minutes € 99.50


Eye Experience

Reenergising massage for sensitive skin around the eyes.

Treats crow’s feet, fluid retention and stress. Includes an eye mask.

Duration 25 min € 35,00




Relaxing facial treatment; the entire treatment consists of actual massage

Duration 25 minutes € 35.00

Duration 50 minutes € 65.00



Anti-aging treatment producing fantastic results using high-quality ingredients

Duration 80 minutes € 99.50


Ultimate Time Solution

Super-exclusive anti-age treatment. An intensive massage that stimulates the connective tissue, invigorating skin and muscle tone. A deeply rejuvenating treatment that acts as a natural facelift.

Duration 80 min € 109,50



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