Salt sauna

Just quarter of an hour in the salt sauna has the same energising effect as a long walk beside the North Sea! This is caused by the negative ions that are released. In our bodies, these play an important role in eradicating disease vectors, purifying the blood and inhibiting the spread of inflammations.

Temperature 80 - 85°C, 

Humidity: 35 - 42°C,

Recommended stay: 8 - 15 minutes.



Infrared sauna

The infrared radiation penetrates the outer skin layer without heating up the skin.

Apart from the calming physical and mental effect, the use of infrared can also help to alleviate physical symptoms, such as cellulitis, muscular pain, joint problems and arthritis. The infrared cabin is finished in Kelo wood, which has a characteristic wonderful fragrance.

Temperature 40 - 60°C

Recommended stay 20 - 45 minutes.



Steam bath

Because of its healing properties, the steam bath has proven to be one of the best ways of maintaining good health and soothing away everyday stresses, tension and fatigue. The dense vapour, enriched with an essential oil of mint or eucalyptus, has a beneficial effect on the airways.

Temperature 40 - 60°C

Humidity 80% - 100%

Recommended stay 20 - 45 minutes.



Panorama sauna

This sauna with its wooden enclosure makes higher temperatures more tolerable. The high temperatures combined with low humidity ensure relaxed muscles and purification of the body.

Temperature 70°C

Humidity 10% - 20%

Recommended stay 10 - 20 minutes.

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